The Band

This is the mostly true story of how The Throwbacks began.

It started at a hot air balloon festival that was being held out in the desert somewhere. For some unexplainable reason, everyone (except Paul, who would show up later) was attending the festival and somehow wound up in the same hot air balloon. Because the ride was pretty scary, we started talking to quiet our nerves and found out that all of us were closet musicians who loved the music of the 70's (and who doesn’t?). It may not have been as simple and new as the rock songs of the 60's, but there was such an incredible variety and verve…

Anyway, by the time we got back on good ol' terra firma, we had all decided that we were going to start a band together. Debbie would sing and play percussion; Amy would play keyboards and sing; Tom would play guitar and sing; and Natalie would play bass and sing. Wow, lots of singers! After much discussion about a name, we became The Throwbacks. We worked on our favorite songs for a few months and then started playing parties, clubs, street corners, and jails. What fun!

Now, you're probably wondering how our drummer Paul joined the band. Unfortunately, due to strict requirements within the Federal Witness Protection Program, we are unable to divulge much. Suffice to say that he may or may not be the original drummer of The Who.

Vocals & Percussion

Bass & Vocals

Keyboards & Vocals

Guitar & Vocals

Drums & Vocals